Why Choose Lagoon Pontoon Boat Rentals In Panama City Beach?

If you’re thinking about pontoon boat rentals or taking a boat tour on your next trip to Panama City Beach on the Emerald Coast, you probably noticed many options: pontoon boats, double pontoon boats, jet skis, and more.

pontoon fleet
pontoon at Sunset

But of all those choices, how do you figure out the right fit for your family and pocketbook? To help, we have a few reasons why you should consider Lagoon Pontoons for your next family vacation boat rental or tour.

1. Easy To Use

If you’ve never driven a boat before and want to get out there and drive it yourself, a pontoon is one of the easiest and most stable boats on the water. Included with our pontoon boat rentals we provide a quick training session right on the dock. Our training includes how to operate the boat, safety equipment locations, onboard extras, best practices, and even some of the best places to anchor and enjoy the local waters.

Pontoons float on the water using sealed pontoon tubes and don’t need to “plane” or any of those other things to get moving on the water. Because of this, pontoon boats don’t have to contend with current interference, and you can drive the boat like your car.

If you’d like, you can watch a quick video showing you the controls, safety features, and other information by checking out our Pontoon Boat Rental Orientation video.

2. Pontoon Boats Are Smooth Sailing

One big draw to a pontoon boat rental is that their design causes them to be flat on the bottom compared to other boats. When you speed up, slow down, or turn a pontoon boat, it is generally a very smooth change with little drastic movement as opposed to a sailboat or a u-hulled boat.

When you consider the design and how it floats on top of the water and isn’t affected by the currents nearly as much, a pontoon boat is much smoother. That means pontoon boats are more comfortable for anyone with balance issues or nervous about being on the water.

3. There Is So Much Room

Pontoons have more room on board than traditional motor boats and sailboats. That means there is plenty of room for the kids, coolers, and gear! Not to mention, when you have kids of all ages they all want their own space. Pontoons make it easier to go to their own area of the boat and do what they want to do (without getting out of your eyesight).

4. Let Us Be the Captain & Relax

We understand your need to get out there and have fun without worrying about where to go. So we have the perfect solution for a max of 6 guests: our Dolphin Boat Snorkeling Tours.

Lasting about 2 hours, our dolphin boat snorkeling tours give you a chance to sit back and go to the best spots for dolphin viewing on Panama City Beach. Our captains are experienced and knowledgeable and ready to take you and your family out for your own private tour.

Swim with the dolphins, explore Shell Island and snorkel the day away today.

The Verdict

We can give you plenty more reasons to spend your vacation with us: we have the cleanest pontoon boats on Panama City Beach, have the newest equipment, the full tank of gas with every pontoon boat rental, and the helping hand that is there when you need us… If you’d like to know more, please read our customer reviews or visit any of our .