Jet Ski Dolphin Adventure Tours

2-Hour Eco-Tour

Encounter dolphins up close from your own jet ski, it’s no wonder why many of our guests say it’s the most fun you can have on Panama City Beach. We take small groups away from the crowds to explore Shell Island, and our experienced guides train you at the dock, even if you’ve never ridden before.

Book your spot on our Jet Ski Dolphin Tour today and embark on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking waters of Panama City Beach. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make memories that will be cherished forever.

2 hrs

High Activity Level


Jet Ski Dolphin tours are amazing, exhilarating, and are some of the most fun you can have in Panama City Beach. What could be better than a fun dolphin tour set in the backdrop of Panama City Beach’s beautiful waters? Our jet ski adventure tours are 2 hours long. It will include a 10 mile fast paced ride in the waters surrounding Shell Island & not only will you have time to encounter dolphins up close, you will also get to explore Shell Island and St. Andrews Bay for a chance to discover sea life such as sand dollars, star fish, hermit crabs, shells & much more! People of all ages will enjoy this exhilarating Eco Tour.

Never been on a jet ski before? Our experienced guides provide in depth instruction prior to leaving the docks. Most of our passengers are first timers. However, most of them turn into experienced repeat customers. Come on our dolphin tour and you will see why. Looking to rent a jet ski in panama city beach and head out on an unguided adventure? Visit our unguided jet ski rentals page.

What hours are available for our trip?

MARCH 1ST – MARCH 14TH (10:30AM & 1:00PM)

MARCH 15TH – MAY 21ST (10:30AM, 1:00PM & 3:30PM)

MAY 22ND – SEPT 6TH (9:00AM, 11:30AM, 2:00PM & 4:30PM)


“2 hours of bliss. We saw 20 dolphins, 2 manatees, a tarpon, and a sting ray. This was our first time on a jet ski and hope it isn’t the last. The jet skis were brand new. The seats very comfortable. It took a few minutes to acclimate to the throttle but after that, gun ho! We went all around Shell Island and the water was just beautiful. The staff is very friendly at the desk and we made our reservations by phone with ease. The best money we spent on vacation.”

Lisa Ann W.

What is included with our trip reservation?

2 Hour Tour
Friendly Dolphin Encounters
Sand Dollar & Starfish Find
Exploring Shell Island
Fast Paced Ride
Experienced Guide
2 Passengers Max or 400 lbs

Here are some things you really need to know before booking…

Guests born in 1988 or after may operate the Jet Ski if they have a photo I.D. and meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • They have a Temporary Florida Boater Certificate. Get Certified Now
  • They are riding with someone born before 1988.
  • They are riding with someone born in 1988 or after who does have a United States Boater Safety License.

A credit card & photo ID that includes date of birth are required for all jet ski rentals. If you were born in or after 1988, you must have a Boater Safety License to operate a Jet Ski. Guests born before 1988 are not required to have a Boater Safety License to operate a Jet Ski.

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Departing From:

5201 N. Lagoon Drive, Ste. 1,
Panama City Beach, FL 32408

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