Dolphin Tours

Select Your Dolphin Tour Experience:

You can’t go wrong with either of our amazing Dolphin Eco Tours. Our experienced local guides will take you where the “Big Boat Tours” won’t, guaranteeing you the BEST CHANCE to encounter bottle-nose dolphins in their natural habitat. Choose from two different tours, each with uniquely customized experiences.


Jet Ski Dolphin Tours

Fast Paced Fun, exploring shell island with dolphin encounters in Panama City Beach.

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Boat Dolphin Tours

An Intimate Experience, swimming and snorkeling with the Dolphins in Gulf of Mexico.

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What to know about Dolphin Tours in Panama City Beach:

Panama City Beach is one of the few locations in the world where you can actually get in the water with wild dolphins. You don’t want to miss this amazing experience.

Dolphin Tours are fun for all ages, We provide the necessary safety equipment for all of our passengers, so whether you are an experienced swimmer or not, we can provide a safe and enjoyable dolphin experience for all aboard. Keep in mind, that the dolphins in this area are protected by federal law and we are visiting them in their environment. Our guides will brief you on the laws and teach you the best way to interact with the dolphins in order to provide an experience that is enjoyable to both humans and dolphins alike.