Pontoon Boat Rental Orientation

Watch Our Pontoon Boat Rental Orientation Overview Video

Welcome to our pontoon boat rental orientation overview video. We have our very own deckhand, Shane Williams, walking you through the main features, safety equipment, and general rules. We have also added the video’s audio transcript below for you to view as well. Welcome, and thank you for choosing Lagoon Pontoons!

Pontoon Boat Rental Overview Audio Transcript

All right guys. Welcome to Lagoon Pontoons my name is Shane Williams.

The Coast Guard does require that you guys have a certain degree of safety equipment on board in the event you guys ever get pulled over just know that all of your stuff is going to be on this boat.

You guys are gonna have plenty of life vests both kids and adult on our boats right here that looks just like this.

You’re gonna have fire extinguishers, the boats registration, the throw cushion, and every single one of our boats is gonna come equipped with a map on board as well.

With that being said, driving the boats gonna be the same as almost any other out there on the water very user-friendly boats.

These boats are very current and they’re very easy to drive so as far as driving, all you’re gonna have to do is twist the key to get it running.

Make sure, that the boat is tr-, the engine on the boat is trimmed in the water.

We’re gonna have our trim button right here. It’s gonna have an up and down switch.

Make sure it’s lowered completely in the water before you get that started here.

Your kill switch is gonna be this little red, a little red cord right here on the side of the, ah, on the back of the throttle here.

That does come out and just like that it’s gonna shut off the engine it’s gonna be a little red button on the back of the throttle… That’s where this is gonna be located.

If that does fall out from the back of the throttle here, just make sure you guys slide it right back behind this red button, twist the key and It’ll start back out for you guys.

On the back of this key as well, is going to be your whistle be aware that is located on the back of this key right here.

Other than that, though, forward is forward, middle’s neutral and back is reverse. On this throttle, is gonna be a release on the back on the underside of this throttle here. Just hold that down whenever you’re switching in between forward and reverse.

We’re gonna have ladders on all of our boats. Just make sure you guys don’t leave those in the water and make sure nobody’s bow riding on the boat whenever the boat’s in motion.

Also, we do have 1 anchor on the boat as well. Make sure you guys use this anchor, you guys don’t leave that down in the water as well while you’re driving. But just be aware that it is there, and we’ll go over how to use that when you guys do get here.

On our Sun Deck Pontoons, make sure nobody’s riding up top here with the boats moving.
Other than that, though, it’s a good rule of thumb just make sure everybody’s in this gated-off area while the boat’s in motion.

So, thank you guys for choosing Lagoon Pontoon! Whenever you guys do get here, we’ll have a more in-depth experience going over the boat but that’s just kind of a brief rundown whenever you guys do get here.

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