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Blasting around in the water is often one of the best experiences onĀ  travelers vacations.

That is why nearly every popular travel destination with water nearby offers Waverunner Rental. However, there are many questions and concerns that can arise when considering renting a Waverunner or taking a Waverunner tour. In Panama City Beach for example, there are many Waverunner rental and tour companies to choose from, all highlighting different features. We have put together tips that will help you make an informed decision about the company you trust to provide this awesome experience.

Tips & Guidelines

1. Find out how new and maintained the machines are, nobody wants to ride on a loud, dirty machine. It can ruin the experience.

2. Determine how long the Waverunner rental company has been in business, obviously companies who have been around a while are companies other travelers love and trust. They also typically know the best spots to have fun.

3. What is the Distance to the Action, when you are renting a waverunner by the hour, minutes are precious. Find a company that is closest to the play areas.

4. Safety gear and instructions, if a waverunner company does not seem to care about safety overall, they probably don’t care much about you, and you should stay away.

Follow these tips and guidelines and your will be sure to have a blast on your next vacation when you rent your Waverunner!