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If you are going to be taking a trip to Florida then you should be sure you pay a visit to St. Andrews State Park Panama City Beach. This park provides you with just about all the beautiful sights you could ask for and will make for the perfect photo opportunities. If you are able to visit then you want to be sure to stop by the north side of this park. At this part of the park you will find a pier, a boat launch, numerous campsites and a picnic area complete with grills.

If you want to enjoy spectacular scenery then you want to check out the south side of the park as well. On the south side of the park there is an enormous rock jetty where you can view the fish. If you are a nature lover then this is an area you want to make sure you don’t pass up the chance to enjoy. You will also find a shallow area here as well. Many vacationers who have their children make sure to spend some time here since the shallow waters make for a great place for the little ones to swim. There is also a large pavilion that can be used for celebrations.

There are areas of the St. Andrews State Park Panama City Beach that offer you the chance to spend time with the locals and other vacationers. There are other areas where you can get away from it all and spend some time in the beautiful surroundings in quiet. When you visit this park you can also enjoy all those beach activities while you are on your vacation. Be sure you have your camera nearby as well; there will be many chances for you to take pictures that will help you remember this beautiful park and your visit there for years to come.