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Panama City Beach Florida welcomes thousands of visitors each year to explore all the city has to offer. This special tourist location offers some of the best fishing in the entire United States because of the Northern Gulf waters. Many species of fish migrate here each year so the variety of fish changes seasonally. Some fish are found close to the shore, but many species are only found in the deeper water. This is one of the main reasons that fishing boat rentals in Panama City Beach are such a popular event. The artificial reefs located off the coast of Panama City Beach fishing will provide a unique experience.

Deep sea fishing is very popular in Panama City beach because the unique environment of the Gulf of Mexico. Mahi Mahi is a popular fish caught while deep sea fishing. Other fish found in this area include tuna, shark, white snapper, cobia, trigger fish and vermillion snapper. Deep sea fishing is definitely an attraction not to miss while visiting Panama City Beach. Whether you are a novice or an experienced fisherman, each deep sea fishing trip is unique and memorable. Make sure to remember to bring a camera to document this beautiful excursion. Deep sea fishing between May and October each year will offer blue and white marlins, sailfish, yellowfish tuna and wahoo. Dolphins are also seen frequently during this time period due to their migration patterns.

Panama City Beach fishing will also include fish such as black grouper, red grouper, Spanish mackerel, red snapper and king mackerel. Amberjack is another unique species in this area that use the artificial reefs or shipwrecks for a breeding ground. The Amberjack can reach up to almost three feet in length and the record for the heaviest ever caught is 142 pounds. A visit to Panama City beach will provide a fishermans dream vacation.