Blog: Have a blast on our Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours

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There are some vacations that have opportunities not often found and when that is available, one truly needs to make the time to enjoy and explore those experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. One such adventure is watching dolphins swim, frolic and play in their natural environment when in Panama City Beach. This is the top way to really get to experience those beloved creatures and see just how intelligent and silly they are as they simply take your breath away.

One can opt for Panama City Beach dolphin tours that is done via boat or even jet ski. Both options allow one to get up close and personal to the dolphins but both are slightly different and thus give a different experience.

Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours also offers a boat tour option to view dolphins is one that is relaxed and on a larger vessel so an entire family can go together to experience this once in a lifetime event. This is because very few places have dolphins right along the shoreline and when in Panama City Beach one is fortunate enough to have that right there. The boat gets as close as it safely can, powers down and lets viewers watch as the dolphins approach, play and show off for those in the boat.

The jet ski option is one for the more adventurous types as being on a jet ski places one even closer to the water. Even the ride out as the jet ski bounces over waves and wakes makes for as fun start to the trip. From there, once the dolphins have been sighted, the jet ski simply bobs in the water and one gets as close to the dolphins as humanly possible. This is truly an up close and personal way to experience the joys of dolphin watching.