Blog: Winter Spa for Pontoons

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Winter Spa for Pontoons

If you live in a tourist town, then your yearly calendar revolves around two seasons- On Season and Off Season.

Here at Lagoon Pontoons Off Season means boat maintenance. We will only put you out on the water in tip top shape. All of our boat are 2016 models or newer.

To make sure they are ready for On Season each boat goes through a series of treatments. It’s kinda like spa time for pontoons! First, the boats are pressure washed. Second, the pontoons are sanded to remove any barnacles. Each pontoon is then given two to three coats of bottom paint which helps prevent barnacle growth throughout On Season while the boat is in the water. Barnacles slow down the boat and eat at the pontoons.

Next, the motors are serviced. Any needed reupholstering is done on seats. And flooring is repaired or replaced. Once the boat is through with the pontoon spa it is back in the water and ready for action!