Blog: Summer Time is HERE!!

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Here in Panama City Beach summer time has finally arrived! Like a switch being turned on behind the scenes all of a sudden one day you wake up and it is HOT! Not cool any more like those spring mornings when you can sit outside on your front porch sipping a cup of coffee enjoying the cool breeze. No, here in the panhandle, summer time is here when you walk outside and immediately begin to sweat. What better way to beat the heat than to be out on the water. If it’s going to be hot then at least be out there on the water on a boat where you can jump in the water to cool off! This is the absolute best time to rent a pontoon boat or go on a jet ski tour. The jet ski tours are so amazing this time of year because the dolphins are so active!!

So if you are visiting Panama City Beach for the very first time let me tell you how amazing renting a pontoon boat can be! In Panama City Beach, Shell Island is the prime location to go have an awesome time on the beach!! Shell Island is so beautiful, it is 7 miles long and has nothing on it but sand dunes, sea shells, sand dollars, sea creatures and so much to explore! We have three different options for the pontoon boats. We have standard 50 HP, 90 HP and DOUBLE DECKER Pontoon boats. Our Double Decker Pontoon boats or party barges as some refer to them are the newest hottest thing on Panama City Beach. You definitely will want to do this on your summer vacation. It will be an experience that you will not soon forget. Our pontoon boats are really nice and they are all 2015 or newer! The Double Decker Pontoon boats hold up to 16 people and these have two water slides. Fun for the whole family, whether you have adults or kids!

When you show up at Lagoon Pontoons we go over a really nice map with you and show you all the best spots to go! We are only 10 minutes from Shell Island and you will for sure have a blast on our pontoon boats!! Let us get you out on the water, you will not regret it!!! double-decker-in-panama-city-beach-5Pontoon Boat Popularity