Blog: Spring Break Panama City 2016

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double-decker-in-panama-city-beach-5Its here, another Spring Break in Panama City Beach. If you have been here before then you know that the beaches can be quite… interesting in the month of March. If your in PCB & you want to have a break from the chaos at La Vela, Spinnaker, Boardwalk Beach Resort & the other Spring Break hot spots then try taking a Pontoon Boat Rental to Shell Island or jump on a Guided Jet Ski Adventure around St. Andrews Bay. Trust me, if you have never been to Shell Island then you don’t know what your missing and if you are familiar already with the beauty of the Island then you know what I am talking about. Shell Island is Panama City’s best keep secret. From the friendly bottle nose dolphins to the uninhabited white sandy beaches there is nothing on the Gulf Coast that compares. Pontoon Boat Rentals are affordable during Spring Break & the Jet Ski Adventure is a favorite thing to do for all ages & walks of life. The new Party Barge pontoons with slides are very popular for large groups that want to turn up the fun & the private dolphin boat tours will get you that up close dolphin encounter that you have only dreamed about. So it dosen’t mater if you want to keep the party going or get away from the party, Shell Island is the destination for you. With 7 miles of beaches you wont find anything more affordable or as much fun as a water sport adventure to Shell Island & Lagoon Pontoons is the place for things to do in Panama City Beach. Don’t just waste your Spring Break doing what every one else is doing, be your own Captain, explore the Isand & have some fun on your Panama City Spring Break 2016!