About Us

Lagoon Pontoons is located on the shores of tranquil Grand Lagoon and is less than 10 minutes away from beautiful Shell Island.

Don’t let our name fool you. We cater to all of your beach activity needs, from Pontoon Boat Rentals and Jet Ski Rentals, to Guided Dolphin Tours, Boat Tours to Shell Island and Unguided Jet Ski Rentals. In Fact, we are the only location on Panama City Beach that offer Unguided Jet Ski Rentals.

Marty & Caleb pledge that you will have an amazing time on our waters with clean, well-maintained equipment and friendly service.

Marty Taylor

Marty Taylor is a Panama City Beach, Florida native. He has spent his days working in the beach service industry here. He has also recently been involved in local environmental cleanup as a safety inspector. Marty started Lagoon Pontoons with the help of long time friend Caleb Ford who was currently running his own water sports rental company out of St. Andrews State Park. In 2013 Marty and Caleb became business partners, working together at the Lagoon Pontoon location.

Marty is married to his long time sweetheart Lindy and is the father of a new baby boy Nevin Taylor. Be sure to say “CONGRATS!”

Caleb Ford

Caleb & his wife Laura have been blessed with 3 little boys (AKA the “dock hands”, Jonah, Charlie & Luke). Marty & Caleb are focused on being a more service orientated company.